Active Electronic Components Market, Size, Share, Analysis, Regional Outlook, Business Landscape, and Future Prospects 2030

Active Electronic Components Market Overview

The active electronic components market is expected to reach $330 billion by registering a CAGR rate of 10% in the active electronic components market forecast period. Active electronic components are those components that are responsible for supplying energy directly to a circuit, and they need a source of energy in the form of a direct current to perform a certain function. Some of the active electronic components include semiconductor devices like transistors, integrated circuits, and diodes.

The active electronic component functions as an alternating current in the circuit devices. These components help the device to augment voltage and power. They are useful because they often enable a small amount of electricity to control high quantity, one of their major benefits. But these components highly rely on the external power source to modify or control electrical signals.

The growing demand for consumer electronic devices like laptops or smartphones will boost active electronic components market size. Additionally, the growing automotive sector and increased demand for a wide range of electronic devices will generate active electronic components market opportunities. Furthermore, increasing demand for electronic products in the military, aerospace, and satellite will accelerate the demand for the active electronic components market.

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Active Electronic Components Market segmentation

The active electronic components market is segmented on product, end-user, and region.

Based on product, the active electronic components market is segmented into display devices, semiconductor devices, vacuum tubes, and others. The display device segment holds active electronic components like Thin Film Diodes and Thin-Film Transistors. The vacuum tube segment contains an anode, diodes, heater filament, and cathode. The semiconductor segment holds integrated circuits, transistors, and diodes. Semiconductor devices were responsible for the highest share of 63% in 2020.

The active electronic components market is segmented into healthcare, manufacturing, aerospace and defense, automotive, consumer electronics, and others based on end-users. The consumer electronics segment was accounted for the highest share of 33%, owing to the increasing demand for semiconductor devices in various consumer devices.

Based on region, the active electronic components market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia-pacific, and the rest of the world.

Active Electronic Components Industry news

On October 25, 2021, new transistors for environment-friendly, low-cost biosensors were developed. It is believed that the semiconductor devices could be a game-changer that can be used to measure pesticides, herbicides, and other metals in the soil and groundwater.

Active Electronic Components Regional analysis

The major regions of the active electronic components market are North America, Europe, Asia-pacific, and the rest of the world. Among them, Asia-Pacific was accounted for the highest share of over 57% in 2020. This region is growing owing to the presence of major active electronic components market leaders. Additionally, this region has emerging countries like China, Japan, India, and South Africa. North America region holds the second-largest share in the market because it is a booming market for connected cars. In addition, the US government is investing heavily in the development of smart cities across the country. Europe is also growing at a faster rate and is expected to show promising results in the future.

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Table of content

1 Executive Summary

2 Market Dynamics

2.1 Market Growth Factors

2.1.1 Increasing Trend Towards Internet Of Things

2.1.2 Increasing Automation Across Various Industries

2.1.3 Developments In Computer Aided System

2.1.4 Increasing Growth For Portable Devices

2.2 Market Restraints

2.2.1 Electronic Component Supply Shortage

2.2.2 Increasing Raw Material Prices

2.3 Market Opportunities

2.3.1 Trend Towards Manufacturing Of Energy Efficient Equipment

2.4 Challenges

2.4.1 Improving Material Properties

2.5 Global Active Electronic Components Market Supply Chain

2.6 Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

3 Global Active Electronic Components Market, By Product Type

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